Can you send me a free book?

I'd love to send you a free book, but unfortunately, shipping is a big expense. Libraries are a great resource and will happily order books for you if they can.

Will there be another book in the JUST YOU series?

As of right now, no.

Will there be a sequel to Out of Nowhere/Faking Perfect/Any Other Girl?

Sorry, no. :(

I'm a blogger. How do I get ARCs of your soon-to-be-released books?

Keep an eye on Netgalley and Edelweiss, or contact my publisher (contact info soon). Unfortunately, I can't personally send you an ARC.

Can you beta my manuscript?

Sorry, I'm only doing beta reads for friends at the moment.

Will you blurb my book?

Possibly! Depends on how much I have on my plate at the moment.

Can I interview you?

Absolutely! Contact me here.

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